Social Media for Content Marketing (Updated 2021)

Are you trying to leverage content marketing for your business?

Content marketing serves as an important part of any company’s success in the modern era. Before, business owners used to rely on people seeing their print advertisements and coming into their stores to gain clients. Now, though, most people first encounter businesses online, and you need to know how to get your platform before your potential clients.

Many people use social media for content marketing. But, in order to perform well on social media, you need to know the difference between social media marketing and content marketing in general, and you should know how to market your content on social media.

Sound confusing? It doesn’t have to be.

Let’s get into it below.

What Is Content Marketing?

Before we define social media for content marketing, let’s first explore content marketing.

Content marketing consists of the processes and methods marketing teams use to get an online platform noticed by web users. They employ a variety of methods to achieve this, including search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), and pay per click advertising (PPC).

These all focus on getting the website to the top of search engine results, where clients are more likely to find them and click on the provided links.

Social Media for Content Marketing

So, what is social media for content marketing?

Social media can also be part of content marketing. If you have a page to which you wish to drive traffic, promoting it on social media is a good idea. Yet, you need to use different tactics on social media in order to help it get attention.

That’s why social media is part of content marketing, but it doesn’t necessarily employ the same methods.

Promoting Your Content on Social Media

So, how do you create a social media presence that drives up your engagement and gains you more website traffic?

There are several factors for you to consider. In fact, it’s best if you and your team sit down and come up with a comprehensive social media strategy. For this strategy, you’ll need to have social media accounts, know about your target audience, create content with which your followers want to engage, and use ads.

Want to know how to do all of this? Take a look at our tips below!

Create Social Media Accounts

Before you establish a thriving social media presence, you must first open social media accounts.

Many of your clients use social media on a regular basis, and if you’re on the same platforms, you increase your ability to engage them.

Social media platforms often allow companies to create business platforms, which have access to social media performance metrics and ad-making services. In many cases, this will also allow you to verify your brand account so that users know it’s actually you and not someone else posing as your company.

Knowing Your Target Audience

Before you create your first post, you need to know about your target audience.

But what is your target audience?

To answer that question, first answer this: who is the most likely to buy your product? Don’t just guess, either. Do your research and figure out as much about your potential customer as possible, including their age, gender, and socioeconomic background.

That is your target audience.

Knowing your target audience assists your social media efforts by giving you someone to whom to tailor your message. If you’re a fitness company and your target audience consists of working mothers in their 30s who struggle to find time to work out, create posts to which this demographic can relate.

Create Relatable Content

Now that you know your target audience, it’s time to sit down and brainstorm the content you post on your website and social media accounts.

To begin, first decide how often you want to post. Most experts agree that you should post on your social media site 1-2 times a day. This shows that your page is active and keeps followers engaged without flooding their feeds.

Then, think about some topics you would like to explore. These topics should be both relevant to your company and in line with your followers’ interests. For instance, if you were the exercise company mentioned above, you should create posts related to staying healthy when you don’t have a lot of extra time in your day.

When you create an article on your website, you can link to it on your social media account to boost its visibility and engagement. In fact, in the long run, this might give you valuable feedback. You will be able to see which articles your followers clicked on and liked and which they didn’t care for as much. Use this information to hone your approach.

Use Ads

Content marketing on social media consists of a lot of ad making. Fortunately, social media platforms have the built-in ability for you to create ads and even specialize them to target your intended audience.

These ads give you a lot of options for customization. You can write the copy for your ads and center them around any product or service you want to highlight. In addition, most ad centers allow you to specify your budget and which groups of people you want to see your ad.

Ads help you get greater recognition, help you grow your client base, and increase the visibility of your brand.

Want More Marketing Help?

Social media for content marketing serves as an effective technique to gain clients and drive consumer interaction.

Yet, it requires different tactics than regular content marketing. When you do social media marketing, know your target audience, create relatable content, and if you have the budget, use ads. If you do these things properly you’ll have taken your first steps toward creating a robust and profitable social media presence.

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