Splash Factory is a cohesive organization that believes in collaboration, creativity, and innovation. As such, our team consists of adaptive people who never stop learning. We are fully commited to supporting every client with only the most current technology solutions and a passionate drive that ensures success.

Robert Beadles

CEO & President

Leadership | Strategy | Partnerships

Robert handles all high level partnerships, navigating legal and corporate parameters to ensure a successful relationship with all clients and ventures. He is a well-known YouTube influencer (visit his CryptoBeadles channel) with a worldwide following, and he is a recognized speaker on topics related to blockchain and cryptocurrency. He focuses on expanding Splash Factory’s already impressive network of technology partners and marketing influencers. Robert’s vision for Splash Factory is to promote, integrate, and grow blockchain technology for the benefit of all.


Director of Public Relations

Adviser | Publicity | Sponsorships

UFC legend and Hall of Famer, Urijah Faber, is a world-renown MMA fighter, actor, and consultant. He has managed a wide variety of high profile events that have successfully led to widespread exposure and a dramatic boost to client marketability. His celebrity status and experienced business savvy are instrumental in providing Splash Factory and its clients with a clear, competitive advantage. An advantage that reflects the same strength and agility that he demonstrated in the fighter’s octagon.


VP of Operations & Chief Growth Officer

Operations | Innovation Evangelist | Strategy & Growth | Partnerships

Aaron is the innovation evangelist and chief advisor. He works across departments, focusing on short-medium-and long-term strategic initiatives, partnerships, products, marketing, and sales to drive growth. He disrupts by breaking down functional barriers and aligning the companies for growth. He is an advocate for the increasingly powerful consumer that exists in a nexus between the changing dynamics of marketing, traditional commercial operations, innovation, and growth.


VP / Creative Director

Operations | Communications | Project Management | UX/UI

Nate oversees the logistics of project fulfillment and integrates strategic planning into the design and development workflows to better meet the needs of the client. He also directs business planning, marketing campaigns, and agile project teams. He often rolls up his sleeves to guide the UX/UI process and ensures that that client is provided with updates and recommendations for each phase of the project. He has extensive skills in branding, graphic design, illustration, UX/UI (web + mobile applications), product development, and video production.


Director of Brand Strategy

Brand Marketing & Advertising Strategy | Traffic & Conversion Optimization | Profit Maximization

William drives the strategy for brands and their products utilizing the tools which are most effective in today’s advertising space. Through the development and implementation of the Massive Growth Framework, he oversees and helps brands improve consumer engagement, increase sales, and grow their revenue through effective use of content marketing, PPC, SEO, and brand positioning.


Brand Marketing Manager

Branding & Marketing | Social Media | Design

Tom has over 20 years of marketing experience across multiple industries where he has leveraged emerging technologies with the web, social and digital marketing. He supervises marketing and design teams that create content for web, print, and digital marketing. He is also a talented and experienced media coordinator who has successfully conducted a large number of publicly recognized and televised activities—some of which have received global coverage.



Web 3.0 Systems Lead 

Blockchain Solutions | Smart Contracts | Server Nodes | Cross-Platform Software

Troy manages website and software development teams that are tasked with blockchain or side-chain setup, configurations, database management, node deployment, and API production. He specializes in dynamic web solutions for both traditional and decentralized projects. This includes custom coding that utilizes HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, and Database management development. He is experienced in providing clients with responsive, mobile-friendly web applications as well as integrations and deployment of custom Content Management Systems. In addition, he develops applications for both macOS and Windows.


Blockchain Development Lead

Blockchain Solutions | Smart Contracts | DApps | iOS | Android

Jesus manages development teams that are tasked with Solidity-based coding, DApps, smart contracts, or creating new blockchain or side-chain solutions. He specializes in creating adaptive user interfaces that integrate with existing or custom blockchains. He has over 9 years of experience with mobile application development, digital security, and data management. He possesses a high level of expertise in Java and Android Java. He is also an expert in iOS application development and has a full understanding of Objective-C and Swift.


Mobile Applications Lead

Blockchain Solutions | Smart Contracts | Mobile Integrations | iOS

Mark’s teams are tasked with the development of mobile and tablet based applications that seamlessly integrate with decentralized data while optimizing the capabilities of the user’s hardware. He is an experienced computer engineer with an expertise in iOS Development. He utilizes a wide variety of frameworks and platforms, including AWS S3 and AVFoundation, to quickly and efficiently fulfill project objectives. He (and his team) have tackled projects that include geolocation, media streaming, image recognition, beacon deployment, tracking, augmented reality, and sensor feedback technology.