Web Copy & Content Optimization

Content creation is a gift and skill that, like others, takes time to refine.

A business owner’s attempt at SEO copywriting will likely see success if they understand the fundamentals. Yet, their efforts will never truly match those who do content optimization for a living. There are many nuances to what does and doesn’t work with on-page copy, and it’s in these areas where the real opportunity lies.

Splash Factory offers website copy & content optimization services aimed to amplify an asset’s value and impact. Through fine-tuning, our experts can transform existing, lackluster site copy into something that defines your brand.

What Is Content Optimization?

Content optimization is the process of refining and improving existing content assets. This process involves researching the topic, uncovering keyword & topic opportunities, and expanding the content so it delivers more value. The process may also scale back content if it’s deemed too “bloated” or “fluffy” which tends to detract a person’s attention.

Here’s what’s (usually) involved with copywriting and optimization:

  • Establishing a brand identity, tone, and vision which defines the content style
  • Learning about the audience/market and what’s engaging to users and potential clients
  • Optimizing the page elements and content to work well for search engines
  • Improving media elements and formatting so it’s easier to comprehend

Content optimization strategies are ever-evolving and adaptive. Updating older, quality assets are a great option for boosting your brand’s perceived value and business opportunities vs creating new pieces.

The Benefits of Optimized Website Copy and SEO Copywriting

Optimization adds excitement to otherwise boring web copy.

Optimized content shows more value to search engines which then gets rewarded through higher rankings. Likewise, good, easy-to-consume content spreads through social media platforms, further building your brand’s online presence.

Some of the biggest benefits of website copy optimization include:

  • More traffic by way of optimized, higher ranking web pages
  • Greater savings by way of updating older pieces vs new content creation
  • Adapting to web standards, usability protocols, and best practices

Think of expanding content through SEO copywriting as creating a version 2.0 of your assets. It strips away what doesn’t work and amplifies the points that truly resonate and engage its audience.

Our Content Optimization Process and Strategy

Our content optimization process is thorough and extremely detailed. It’s through deep insights and research that we uncover opportunities. Our work also lends itself to on-going content strategies through supportive linking, call-backs, and integration of other pages and assets from your business.

Here is what to expect when leveraging our on-page / content services:

  1. Assessment — Our team opens the books (aka. your site’s analytics) to get a firm understanding of what’s engaging visitors. We also examine competitors, social media, and search results to learn what people want. The process tackles the best-performing assets in the beginning and then radiates to lower-tiered pieces as time goes on.
  2. Planning — Our team devises a plan to optimize the content on your site and owned assets. This report outlines everything we intend to do to amplify your brand’s content. Now is the time to collaborate and define what’s needed before moving forward.
  3. Execution — Upon approval, our team gets to work updating and optimizing web content. This involves keyword optimization, expanding topic clusters, updating statistics, and more. We go through this meticulously, ensuring each piece meets our high standards.

The process and strategy are wholly dependant on your project scope and complexity. Whatever your choice, know that our marketing agency & amazing team have the know-how to deliver incredible results for your business.

Inquire About Our Web Copy Optimization Services

Our content experts at Splash Factory deliver phenomenal results because of their fine attention to detail. They’re also capable of doing what they do because we’re so selective with who we work with.

We build relationships so our work aligns with your vision and business goals. Get in touch and let’s find ways to grow together.


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