Exceptional Email Marketing for Exceptional Brands

With more consumers checking their email accounts every hour on the hour, email marketing is now a must-have in your marketing toolkit. Save time and reap unrivaled profits when you put your email marketing on autopilot with Splash Factory.

Build Brand Loyalty with Email Marketing

A killer email marketing campaign is nothing without a bulletproof email marketing strategy. Gone are the days of impersonal, banal, blanket emails sent out in mass. A successful email marketer must be a master of timing and precision, crafting each email campaign to ensure it reaches the right audience with the right content at the right time of the day.

This is where most email marketing services fail, and Splash Factory shines. Whether you’re starting from scratch and need help researching and defining your email strategy or are simply looking for someone to design creative email templates and give your campaign a facelift, our team is by your side each step of the way.

Our Process, Your Results

Big brands like the USPS, 7-Eleven, Monarch, and more trust Splash Factory for our fail-proof process. In our tenure as a team, we have put our minds together to cement an email marketing process that is simply unbeatable.

Here’s how we help you reach your customers:

We Organize and Generate Subscribers

An email marketing campaign is nothing without a well-maintained portfolio of interested contacts. If you don’t already have an army of loyal customers who will actually read your email once it hits their inbox, don’t worry – we are experts in lead generation. With the power of insight, we can help you build a database of contacts that will engage with your marketing campaigns.

We Create Custom Email Templates and Content

Email marketing is half content and half aesthetics. If your email is sloppily-organized and boring, people will delete it without a second thought. At Splash Factory, our eye-catching email templates are influenced by industry research and tailored for optimal results.

Once the design is finalized, our writers will get to work creating content that reflects your brand voice, engages your customers, and reinforces your brand credibility.

We Define What Works

What time of day are people actually opening emails? What subject lines get sent straight to the trash? The early stages of email marketing are all about experimentation. Since every client-base is different, knowing the exact formula to engage them requires hard work.

To ensure you know exactly what our services are doing for your brand, we’ll perform a careful analysis of your email marketing campaign to let you know exactly what worked, what didn’t, and how much revenue each campaign generated.

Sound good?

Ready to Make a Splash?

Splash Factory helps you send better emails. Stop losing leads on poorly timed, tired-sounding emails. Our expert team is on hand to design, draft, and send your email marketing campaigns – all you have to do is sit back and succeed.


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