Ecommerce Website Analysis & Brand Audit

Ecommerce websites and the brands behind them are complex and ever-evolving. This complexity creates an unfortunate situation where many brands fail to reach their full potential. This may include yours.

Knowing what’s hindering your site and brand introduces amazing growth opportunities.

We’ve developed a thorough eCommerce site analysis and brand audit process to uncover valuable opportunities your brand could leverage to reach new levels of success. Our services also identify and eliminate issues found within the site, ultimately improving its performance and helping you reach desirable KPIs.

What Is an Ecommerce Website Analysis and Brand Audit?

Your eCommerce store and brand are one and the same in which they both contribute to your success. One is the platform to which you sell products and the other is what has people engaged with your business.

An eCommerce site analysis and brand audit is a thorough examination of what does and does not work.

The store analysis examines items including:

  • Usability and interface
  • Site speed and reliability
  • Design and plugins
  • Optimization and conversions
  • Customer journey
  • List building methods
  • Analytics and metrics

The brand audit reflects these items to some degree. The audit uncovers how people perceive the brand and what makes them interested in its products or services. It also establishes a brand’s placement within the markets and industry, and how it stacks against the competition.

The Benefits of Our Website Audit & Brand Review Service

A business operates blindly without data, feedback, and analytics. An audit to the eCommerce site and your brand delivers several benefits. These benefits include (but are not always limited to) the following:

  • A greater understanding of your customer, what they want, and ways to improve customer service
  • Insights where your brand excels and areas that need improvement (strengths and weaknesses)
  • Opportunities with its presentation that could improve engagement, sales, and outreach

From the brand’s purpose and promise to the site’s architecture and value proposition, thorough audits lay a foundation for almost all other strategies used to improve your business.

Our Ecommerce Store Audit and Brand Evaluation Process

Our eCommerce analysis and brand evaluation process are incredibly thorough and detailed. At times, it will feel as if we are part of your business with how deep we explore what makes your business what it is.

Those interested in exploring audit services from our marketing agency can expect the following:

  1. Assessment — The audit process begins with understanding your business goals, vision, and priorities. From there, we examine the site data, analytics, and customer feedback to learn what works and what doesn’t.
  2. Competitive Analysis — We’ll also compare our assessment to competitors to uncover gaps and further build upon our work. This allows us (and you) to get a better understanding of where your brand and site exists in the market.
  3. Reporting — You will receive an audit report detailing what we’ve found and suggested actions. What happens after is up to you, whether you DIY our suggestions or explore professional services.

Though this shares a simplified overview, the actual process is anything but. The audit cost, project length, and outcome wholly depends on your site’s size and complexity. Outcomes also depend on the brand’s placement, legacy, and its vision.

Inquire About Our E-Commerce & Brand Audit Services

The Massive Growth Framework developed in-house at Splash Factory has delivered exceptional results for our clients. This is possible through our industry knowledge, and it begins with our e-commerce & brand audit process.

We’re committed to developing strong relationships with clients, to grow together. See if our work aligns with your business goals by connecting with one of our team members. Let’s create something amazing together.


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