What Frequency Should a Website Publish Blog Posts?

It is believed that 25% of all the websites in the world are blogs. There are likely more than 500 million blogs out there on the Internet.

If you are starting a blog or are trying to help your blog gain more traction, you’re likely wondering how often you should publish blog posts.

There is not a simple answer to this question and it depends on your preferences, your audience, and your needs.

Let’s take a look at what you need to know about how often you should publish blog posts. 


How Often Should You Publish Blog Posts?

Anyone or any company that has started a blog has asked this question at one point or another.

Publishing more often can help to increase your traffic, as it gives search engines more chances to list your site. The more often your site is listed in search engines the more visitors can be brought to it.

If you are using affiliate marketing to increase your income from your site, then the more posts you make the more opportunities you have to utilize this method of turning a profit. You want to build up and create more content like list posts, reviews, and more.

However, if your blog is a place filled with more in-depth topics, you likely won’t want to publish as often. Instead, you want to focus on publishing longer-form blog posts that are packed full of information and value for your audience.

Depending on your situation, you might have more or less means to publish blog posts with frequency. If you are just one person, you likely won’t be able to publish as many blogs per week. For a company with a large marketing budget, they likely have the option to publish blog posts as often as is like.




The Pros and Cons of Publishing One Blog Post a Day

There are some good reasons to publish one blog post each day and also some risks to this. Let’s take a look.




Pros of Daily Blog Posts

If your blog is news focused and in a fast-paced niche, posting daily is likely a good idea. It will be hard to be a trendsetter if you are only posting weekly or monthly.

It’s also a good idea to posts frequently if your audience is engaged and loyal and they are regularly visiting your site. It can encourage your readers to visit your site as a part of their routine each day if there is rest content on a daily basis.

If you post daily, it will also be very helpful for your search engine ranking. In general, more content will result in more traffic.

Lastly, if social media brings you a lot of traffic, then you likely want to post a new blog post every day. This is so people will have a lot of content to share at all times on their social media pages.




Cons of Daily Blog Posts

There is also a downside to posting blogs every day.

Firstly, it can be easy to burn out if you are writing a blog post every day. You don’t want to become something that you dread or feel like it’s a chore. If it competes too much with the other things going on in your life, you might not be able to stick with it.

Second of all, it’s possible that your style or the topic of your blog can’t sustain a schedule of a daily blog. This means that if you continue to post daily, the quality of your posts will decline. You will inevitably lose readers this way.

The more content you produce, the more difficult it will be to keep it relevant and updated. It can also bury your older content in all of your newer content.

It’s important to understand that not many people will ever click past the first page. Blog posts on subsequent pages will likely be read much less.




Blog Posting-Frequency: Should You Only Be Publishing Blog Posts a Few Times a Week or a Month?

There have been a number of prominent bloggers that have recently changed their posting schedule so that they are posting less frequently.

The switch was made because readers are bombarded with so much different content from all angles that it can feel overwhelming. The most common reason that people unsubscribe from blogs is that they published you often and they, therefore, can’t keep up.

Your blogging schedule should reflect how often you have something valuable or useful to say to the reader.




How to Find the Right Frequency of Blog Posts For Your Brand

The best blog post frequency for you or your brand will be particular to your circumstances.

The three things you want to keep in mind in order to find the perfect frequency of publishing blog posts are your goals for your blog, the preferences of your target audience, and how able you are to consistently write quality content.

You can check in with the readers with a poll or survey and hear straight from the horse’s mouth how often they want to read content written by you.

You can also try to experiment with how often you post blogs in order to see what works best.




Is It Time For You to Take Your Blog Posts to the Next Level?

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