Methods for Writing Compelling Web Copy


Do you want to improve your content writing?

Content marketing is an effective method for reaching new customers and audiences. However, writing online web copy isn’t simple and easy. If you want to write effective web copy, you need to be engaging, encouraging, and creative.

Below, we’ve got a list of methods and tricks to writing web copy for your webpages.

Why Do You Need to Write Compelling Web Copy?

The data you put up on your online store is what we call web copy. It is the written content on your home page, about page, product pages, and more. When a person visits your website, they expect to see one created with professional writing.

You’d want to meet their expectations. Also, remember that good content writing can increase your brand’s perceived value. Top-notch web copy can make your brand the audience’s top choice.

With this reputation, your sales, brand awareness, and loyal customer base will improve. Not many things are as valuable as compelling web copy. Thus, you need to always make sure you write the best web copy for your online store.

Know What Your Audience Wants and Needs

As with everything you do in business, you need to know what you’re working with. Always try to learn as much as you can about your target audience. Get to know them through their demographics, behaviors, and preferences.

Once you understand who you’re writing for, you’ll know the best way of writing the content. For example, the method for writing web copy for people who belong to young or old age groups will differ. If your target audience includes professionals, you’ll want a hint of formality.

With that said, always write for the audience, not for yourself. Put your audience’s needs in front of yours. Focus on what the audience wants to hear and not what you want to write.

Write Web Copy Like How a Real Person Speaks

Imagine how awkward and unfamiliar your web copy will be if you use too many formal sentences. Imagine how alienating or weird web copy will look if you keep using stiff and formal language. Web copy that feels too formal can also bore your audience.

Avoid lengthy paragraphs or complex sentences. Use sentence variety to create web copy that feels more engaging and sophisticated. Keep your tone conversational, like you’re talking to a colleague.

Keep jargon or technical terms out of the web copy if you can. If you want help in rephrasing your web copy, use writing tools like Grammarly. It will check the grammar, spelling, and mood of your web copy.

Include All the Necessary Details and Put the Important Ones on Top

While 91 percent of people read online reviews, 84 percent trust online reviews as much as friends. For many, this is a great way to learn what the sellers or manufacturers aren’t saying. However, this can also cause problems, especially if you’re selling a unique product or service.

Not all product features or benefits will get highlighted or mentioned. Sometimes, reviewers will focus on the negatives of a product or service. Writing good web copy and web content can fill in that gap and give them a balanced look at your product.

If you’re writing a product page for your web copy, list down all the important things your audience must know. Write it down and be candid with it, be it the best features, changes in model design, or other.  Also, make it a habit to place the most important details at the top of the article.

Remember That Your Readers like to Scan

The next entry in our web copywriting tips is to keep your copy mobile and reader-friendly. Studies say most internet users keep the same reading behaviors as people did over 20 years ago. People prefer to scan rather than read word for word.

Nobody wants to see a great wall of text when they open a webpage. Instead, they expect headlines, sub-headlines bullet points, and block quotes. Thus, when you write your web copy, make it easy on the eyes.

Keep paragraphs and sentences short. Use bold, italics, or underline formatting to highlight points. Be creative with your image use and text formatting.

In Writing Web Copy, Use Your Content to Tell a Story

Creating informative web copy is a good way to educate your audience. However, spitting out plain facts and statistics won’t pique your audience’s interest. After all, what is web copy if not a way to engage potential customers through their emotions?

There are a variety of ways to elicit emotion in your audience when they read your copy. One of the most effective ones is to tell a story. Use a humorous or heartbreaking anecdote to reach your audience’s hearts.

It’ll be easier for your target audience to remember your copy if you evoked emotion in them.

Don’t Forget to Write a Call-to-Action

What do you want your reader to do after he or she reads or scans your web copy? Do you want your audience to add a product to their cart, subscribe to an e-newsletter, or other? Figure out what action you want your audience to take and tell them.

For example, to encourage a reader to buy a product, tell him or her to visit its product page. If you want the reader to subscribe to your newsletter, add a link to your newsletter subscription page. Tell them to call you via the contact page if you want them to connect with you.

Always add a call-to-action or CTA whenever you finish writing web copy. Be direct and helpful with your CTA. Finally, also make sure that the action you’re encouraging the viewer to do is actionable and easy to do.

Write the Most Compelling and Best Web Copy Now

Our quickstart guide on writing web copy ends here. We hope you enjoyed reading this quick guide on how to write web copy. Now, you can use what you learned here to create powerful and engaging content.

Do you want to learn other techniques that you can use to promote your online store? Our blog has many more helpful posts that can help you develop your web copywriting techniques. Schedule a call with us today to learn how you can improve your digital marketing efforts.


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